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ALR Staff | Non-fiction


Joint winners of the ALR / LTIK 2018 Korean Literature Essay Competition were announced on Wednesday 27 June at the Korean Cultural Centre in London.

Sandip Roy | Non-fiction


I was reporting on India’s 2014 general election, the one that would bring a tough-talking man named Narendra Modi to power. Sultanpur was a dingy, noisy town with narrow streets, filled with honking motorcycles and stray cows and donkeys eating garbage. Outside the congested lanes of the town, the country roads were potholed and meandered through villages with names like Teergaon and Isouli. Men here wore white turbans and women arranged their saris to veil their faces and buffalos dozed placidly in village ponds. This was what journalists always called the 'heartland of India'. It was my first time in the heart of the heartland. Born and raised in metropolitan Kolkata, I already felt like a fish out of water here.


Francis Wade | Non-fiction


Par Da Lek hadn’t seen any of this violence, but nonetheless there were strange rumblings in the village. Over the two days prior to 12 June 2012, men had been shuttled on buses to downtown Sittwe. Ko Myat would watch them go in wave after wave. They were goaded onto the buses and away, he said, by the village administrator, the chief authority there. For those two days, he had stood at the entrance to the village, where the road rises up on a bank above the busy marketplace. Buses would come and go; the men who stood there waiting empty handed would be given weapons – sticks and machetes – before climbing aboard....


Tammy Ho Lai-Ming | Non-fiction


Liu Xiaobo is dead. That’s a fact. And that his death was at least indirectly caused by the cruelty and immorality of the Chinese government is obvious to anyone who has access to information about Liu and his imprisonment.

Read Liu's poem to his wife, Liu Xia: You Wait For Me With Dust.


Miguel Syjuco | Non-fiction


'I know exactly how you feel. I see you at the brekkie table, reading a newspaper. You – a decent citizen, a reasonably informed voter, patriotic in your own quiet way. I know exactly, because I’m the same. Whether it was Julia Gillard and Labor who got your goat, or Tony Abbott and the Liberals who make you spew, the urge is universal: you sit at breakfast and poke your finger once, twice, thrice into the newsprint or touch screen. You turn, tongue-tied, head shaking, managing only to say to your spouse: What a dickhead!'



Jessica Faleiro | Non-fiction


Nobody tells you how vulnerable you’re about to become. The plane lands and your emotions start  to heighten once you pass through immigration. Even if someone is waiting for you in Arrivals, you know somewhere deep within that your whole   world is about to change. You just have no idea how, or how much.

Jemimah Steinfeld | Non-fiction


Viktor and his friends are in thrall to Beijing’s new hedonism. They symbolise the possibilities open to Chinese youth who choose to experiment. Viktor is the lead singer in a Beijing-based band called Bedstars and is immersed in China’s underground rock scene. Describing themselves as ‘doomsday rock’, Bedstars’ influences range from the Rolling Stones through the Libertines.

Fan Dai | Non-fiction


‘I won’t blame you if you look for a lover,’ I said tentatively.


Nighat Gandhi | Non-fiction


A mountain-blue, hot September day. I reached Abbotabad from Lahore two days ago. Today I am embarking on a journey from Abbotabad to Oghi.

Yu Xiaobo | Non-fiction


'I have to say to you that what you have now – your courage and hope, solidarity and discipline – are so precious. You have no idea how people in the dark corners of the world, me included, covet it. It is an honour and a blessing. Hold on to it, for your own hopes, and for ours too.'

ALR Staff | Non-fiction


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James Borton | Non-fiction


Increased tensions between the Chinese and Vietnamese governments make waves in the South China Sea for Dang Van Nhan and thousands of local fishermen.

Maria Carmen Sarmiento | Non-fiction


'In this land of 7,701 beauty contests, Filipinos are assured that women occupy the highest places of honour and that the best Filipino man is a woman.' Maria Carmen Sarmiento

Pearl River Poem Art Festival: including Eddie Tay, Kit Kellen, Duo Duo, Zheng Danyi, Martin Alexander, Wang Xiaoni, Shu Ting.
Zheng Danyi | Non-fiction


IT WAS A TIME of deep disaffection and despair. Those who had experienced the agony of the Cultural Revolution were filled with uncertainty about the future of China.