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Mai Van

Born in 1955 in Kim Son, Ninh Binh province, Mai Van Phan now lives and writes in Hai Phong City. He has won several literary awards in Vietnam and has published 13 books of poetry: Giot nang (Drops of Sunlight, 1992); Goi xanh (Calling to the Blue, 1995); Cau nguyen ban mai (Prayers to Dawn, 1997); Nghi le nhan ten (Ritual of Naming, 1999); Nguoi cung thoi (People of the Era, 1999); Vach nuoc (Water Wall, 2003); Hom sau (The Day After, 2009); va dot nhien gio thoi (And Suddenly the Wind Blows, 2009); Bau troi khong mai che (Vietnamese-only version of Firmament Without Roof Cover, 2010); Tho tuyen Mai Van Phan (Mai Van Phan: Selected Poems - poetry, essays and interviews, 2011); hoa giau mat (Hidden-face Flower, 2012); Bau troi khong mai che / Firmament Without Roof Cover (bilingual 2nd edition, 2012), and Vua sinh ra o do (Just Born There, 2013).

Waking Up the Rain is translated by Nhat-lang Le and edited by Susan Blanshard. Click on this link for Mai Van Phan's website.