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KIM KYUNG JU is a Seoul-based poet and performance artist whose work has been widely anthologised and translated into several languages. He has written and translated numerous books of poetry, essays, and plays and received the Korean Government’s Today’s Young Artist Prize and the Kim Su-young Contemporary Poetry Award. Kim’s first book of poetry, I Am a Season That Does Not Exist in the World, sold over 15,000 copies. Black Ocean Press released Jake Levine’s English-language translation in early 2016.

In addition to poetry, essay writing and translation, Kim’s plays (poetic dramas) have won numerous awards and have premiered at some of the largest venues in Korea, including the Sejong Center (the largest performing arts venue in Seoul). Currently arrangements are being made for an English version of his play Butterfly Sleep to be produced off Broadway in New York. Additionally there are plans for his plays Bred from the Eyes of a Wolf and Black Box to be translated and produced abroad. Last year Kim teamed up with the renowned Korean rapper Mc Meta for a poetry/hip hop collaborative project called Poetic Justice. Kim also produces a literature podcast, is the founding member and organizer of the Penguin Rhyme Club reading series / poetry collective, curates art exhibitions highlighting foreign artists (most recently Vladimir Kush), and edits / manages articles for the literature webzine Munjang. His most recent project is the musical Well Dying, a dark comedy about the elderly and mortality.  

Issue 26, Winter 2014: three poems, translated by Jake Levine and Jung Hi-yeon.

Issue 30, Spring 2016: three poems, translated by Jake Levine.

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