To Red: A Declaration

Translated by: 
Won-Chung Kim









Red Shoes


I put on the red shoes you bought for me for the first time.

I went into the game room with my lover whom you knew.

‘Dance Dance Revolution’

I dance a wrong step, and somebody lands painfully on my feet.

Why do you call my name endlessly?

You were standing there with a downcast glance;

you were the hand exchanging coins at the counter of the game room.

Sorry, I am having an affair!


Red Panties


You simply asked to hold my hand and sleep by my side.

It was after my lover whom I know had made his confession.

‘Eli Eli lama sabachthani!’

I thought you had fallen into a dream while snoring,

but why do you call my name endlessly?

I wore a white wing-shaped sanitary napkin on my red panties

and my hips were aching from sitting on the toilet for too long.

Sorry, I am having my period!


Red Radish


You asked me, ‘What’s this desire blazing up?’

My lover whom you knew was good, for he was an impotent, married man.

‘A hundred miles, a hundred miles. . .’

To make five hundred miles, you need to call out at least three more times,

but why do you call my name endlessly?

While I picked up the morning newspaper outside the door with no clothes on,

I came across the man living next door; he was a red radish bitten by me.

Sorry, I am having breakfast!


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