My Absent Baby with Scissors Is Like Cutting the Sunshine

Translated by: 
Jake Levine

Translated by Jake Levine and Jung Hi-yeon

My absent baby is cutting the sunshine coming into the room

Going toward the sunshine which cuts earthworms discharging blood

Sometimes I can hear the sound of people sitting in

Blast experts have a bonfire on the rooftop

A woman grabbing her stomach connects to gravity

From a crack in the ceiling, dead mice pour out

Inside eyes in a water cup, pubic hair begins to sprout

Wanting to live, a cat licks dead mice

I’m not sick, I drink liquid drugs and my teeth rot away

The woman crawls under the wardrobe and spouts light

Don’t die! I will cut the sunshine with scissors

Little by little with scissors my absent baby will cut the baby I never had

While cutting a dried earthworm

A halo lights the room

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