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The Lesson of Liu Xiaobo - Tammy Ho

What It's Like - Theophilus Kwek

Contrast - Tammy Ho

Beating Dickheads - Miguel Syjuco

Aubade - Daljit Nagra

Hiuen Tsang - Abhay K.

Free Fall - Chiang Yomei

Two Zero Four Seven - Tammy Ho

Those Plastic Sunflowers - Sonnet Mondal

In Memory of Flight MH-370 - Reshma Ruia

Sword of Destiny: Interview - with Justin Hill

This Brick: A Found Poem - Tammy Ho

Conjuror of Divinity - fiction from Dipika Mukherjee

from Porcelain Girl - fiction from Cheng Yong

Spring Fever - poetry from Shanta Acharya

Poetry from Kim Kyung-ju

From Now On Everything Will Be Different - fiction from Eliza Vitri Handayani

The Empress Dowager Cixi-to-be - poetry from Andrew Barker

A Case of Penetration fiction from Michael Vatikiotis

from Karachi Raj fiction from Anis Shivani

Justin Hill's Smog

interview with Xinran

Book review by ko ko thett - Hounds of the New Milllennium

Non-fiction - Interviews with XinranClaire Tham & Amanda Lee Koe,  Fishing in Troubled Waters - James Borton

Fiction - The Ballad of Arlene and Nelly - Amanda Lee Koe, Indigo Nights and Sliver Crows - Melody Kemp, Greenjillies - GB Prabhat

Poetry Hong Kong Bar Hop - Dino Mahoney, The Police Cannot be Blamed - Queenie Li, Peaches to Market  and Two Poems - Reid Mitchell, Thunderstorm Warning - Kate Rogers, Red - Changming Yang, After Scheherazade - Brian Cheong Sui Kang, Homage to Pablo Neruda - Veronica Pedrosa, Spring Festival 2013 - Ann Ang

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