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Inside Issue 30

The Spring 2016 issue of the Asia Literary Review is a celebration of contemporary Korean literature from the country's most exciting young writers. It also includes an essay by Deborah Smith, translator of Han Kang's The Vegetarian, winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize.

For a taste of what's in this issue, read part of Cheon Myeong-kwan's My Uncle Bruce Lee, where a group of village boys see the world through their obsession with Asia's Kung-fu hero. Follow that with an extract from Kim Ae-ran's The Youngest Parents with the Oldest Child: teenage parents struggle to cope as their child's accelerated growth makes him an old man at the age they were when he was born.

There's also startling new poetry from Kim Kyung Ju and Min-jeong Kim, and much more on Issue 30 in our Editorial.

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My Uncle Bruce Lee 

Cheon Myeong-kwan, translated by Susanna Soojung Lim 


from The Youngest Parents with the Oldest Child

Ae-ran Kim, translated by Chi-Young Kim 


from ButterFlyBook

Apple Kim, translated by Sunny Jeong 


Speeding Past 

Han Yujoo, translated by Janet Hong 



Seo Yoo-mi, translated by Soyoung Kim 


Wang’s Whole-Chicken Stew 

Kim Yi-seol, translated by Eun Kyung DuBois and Nathan A. DuBois 


from Seven Cat's Eyes

Choi Jae-hoon, translated by Yoonna Cho 


Children in the Air 

Kim Seong Joong, translated by Stella Kim 



Kim Yeonsu, translated by Sora Kim-Russell 



Korean Literature Comes of Age

Deborah Smith 


Heavy Snow, a Rented House, a Letter 

Kim Kyung Ju, translated by Jake Levine 


The House Where Someone Was Born 

Kim Kyung Ju, translated by Jake Levine 


Synopsis for the Theremin 

Kim Kyung Ju, translated byJake Levine 



Min-jeong Kim, translated by Won-Chung Kim 


To Red: A Declaration 

Min-jeong Kim, translated by Won-Chung Kim


Cover Art 

Front cover: detail from 'Untitled-15019', 2015,   by Kangwook Lee (Arario Gallery)

Back cover: 'ROK Passport on Blueprint', 2016,  by Jesse Chun



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