Isle of the Dead, Arnold Böcklin, 1886

Heavy Snow, a Rented House, a Letter

Translated by: 
Jake Levine






Within an electric kettle the roar of waves seethed

For ages on the sea news couldn’t reac

the deaf boats seeking the sound of water sent from a faraway land

The eyes of a school of fish that pass through a deep abys

are frozen stiff, I thought.

From a distant lighthouse, fire spilt into this room

Whenever that happened, I bluely blotted my sea sickness down at the top of the page. 

Peonies from the quilt rolled over my leg 

and the words within the letters I wrote began to wake. 

Private lives that reached a critical state snowed heavily on the side of the page. 

Uncompleted letters turned to misery. 

Like bottles emptied one by one 

because the sad things disappeared, alone 

they swung a retired ship out of retirement 

and creakily returned. 

In their loneliness, more letters were burned. 

Like a furnace, the sea began to boil flakes of snow and 

if a hand were dipped under a hot tap inside a room 

inside the blood in the body, tears were silently bred. 

It cannot end like this, I thought – 

a mass extermination of inner life. 

Are there enough tears left in the insomniac’s body 

to descend into a dream? 

Although one by one snowflakes disguise the lights of a town 

there is love, love, on the side of the planet we can see 

here, undiscovered, infinity. We divvy up our shares.


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