A Concise History of China in English

1. Ancient China
They used to drink tea
Wear silk
Eat from china
Think in terms of Zen
And practise Confucianism 
Only – is it true?
2. Semi-Colonial China
Wearing cheongsam
These poor coolies arrived here
On sampans 
Always ready to kowtow
To a tycoon
Who lived in Shangri-La 
Eating dim sum
Drinking oolong 
Playing mahjong 
Gambling in a casino every day
Though reluctant to give cumshaw
3. Mandarin China
Led by dao
A yin
Running dog
Wearing qipao
Is fighting against a yang 
Paper tiger
With wushu 
After getting brainwashed
Through maotai
Like a taikongnaut
At a fengshui spot
Dominated by qi 

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