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What It's Like - Theophilus Kwek

Contrast - Tammy Ho

Beating Dickheads - Miguel Syjuco

Aubade - Daljit Nagra

Hiuen Tsang - Abhay K.

Free Fall - Chiang Yomei

Two Zero Four Seven - Tammy Ho

Those Plastic Sunflowers - Sonnet Mondal

In Memory of Flight MH-370 - Reshma Ruia

Sword of Destiny: Interview - with Justin Hill



ALR Staff | News & Events


More jewels from the archive:

No Country for Old Women - Sandip Roy - ALR16, Summer 2010

From Now On Everything Will Be Different - Eliza Vitri Handayani

The Empress Dowager Cixi-to-be - Andrew Barker

A Case of Penetration - Michael Vatikiotis

ALR Staff | News & Events


Read our collection of writing from and about Korea, previously published in the Asia Literary Review featuring material from the archive and our two issues specially dedicated to Korea: ALR23 (Spring 2012) and ALR30 (Spring 2016). 


ALR Staff | News & Events


Justin Hill remembers the Tiananmen massacre and reflects on how memories of it have been suppressed on the mainland.

ALR Staff | News & Events

In Issue 25, we highlighted the plight of Paco Larrañaga, still in prison after a deeply flawed trial and sentence in the Philippines. Grammy-nominated musician Bob Regan is on video to explain why he was moved to write a song dedicated to Paco and to the need for his release. There's also a petition for Paco, and the Give Up Tomorrow website offers ways to help the Philippines recover from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Re-read Luis Francia's moving article for the ALR on Give Up Tomorrow, the award-winning documentary about Paco Larrañaga.