In this Issue - Non-Fiction


One of the Asia Literary Review’s principal aims over the past decade has been to introduce undiscovered Asian voices to the English-language world. Sometimes, stories come to us from emerging writers (some young, some not-so) as unsolicited submissions which simply leap off the page and demand attention. However, many more of our published works new to an English readership come to us from an indispensable but under-appreciated core of literary professionals – the translators.


He held the book in his hand and very hesitantly muttered something about wanting to sell it, frequently looking to his left and right up and down the road. Someone had already made him a counter-offer, thinking the asking price too high. One look was enough to tell me that what he was selling was a banned book. I said I wanted to take a look at it: reluctantly he handed it over, still holding onto one half which he would not let go of.