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Martin Alexander


Some things never change. Relentlessly lovely or fiercely intractable, they are fixtures that command our attention. The majesty and mystery of nature will always draw us towards it. No matter how repressed or destitute they may be, people will always strive for their dreams and the freedom to make them real. We hope that well-chosen words will always wield more enduring might than the sword. Not only can they rouse a crowd to action - they can also help us make sense of the unfathomable. More...

Kavita Jindal


‘I will catch you today, Sister Philomena,’ I called to the youthful nun running away from me. ‘I will catch you.’

Sister Philomena disappeared into the courtyard that fronted the boarding house. We’d barely finished choosing the teams and tossing the coin that made my team the catchers and hers the vanishers, and she’d raced off already. The girls in her team streamed out behind her, yelling, ‘Find me if you can! Catch me if you can!’ leaving me in the arched corridor with my team.    More....



Kavita Jindal
Nighat Gandhi
Maria Carmen Sarmiento


Yu Xuanji
Translated by
Justin Hill
Kathleen Hellen


Anis Shivani
Phillip Kim
Michael Vatikiotis
Cheng Yong
Translated by
Brian Holton
Dipika Mukherjee
Phoebe Tsang