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State of Non-Legitimacy - Leiden.Edu

ALR contributor Jang Jin-sung blows lid off North Korean regime's state secrets

The University of Leiden, the Netherlands' 'Bastion of Liberty', hosts a conference led by elite North Korean exiles speaking publicly for the first time about what really happens behind the scenes in what outsiders have hitherto perceived as an inscrutable dictatorship.

Inscrutable? Not any more. Jang Jin-sung, author of Dear Leader and once poet laureate of the dead dictator Kim Jong Il, joins fellow experts in the small community of high-level North Korean exiles to expose the inner workings of the DPRK regime.

In the Archive:

The Executioner and other poems by Jang Jin-sung, translated by Shirley Lee

Absolute Power and Absolute Corruption by Jang Jin-sung, translated by Shirley Lee

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