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Our next issue is coming soon - after a hiatus, we're back with a new management structure, a fantastic new team and a fabulous range of writers. As you've seen, we have a wonderful new website - and with new sections for multimedia, blogs, registration and the eShop, the ALR's presence is transformed. But enough extravagant language - explore the new website, and look out for the release of our new issue in April.

News & Events | ALR

New blog posts:  Speaking in Tongues - Chinese New Year -  An Asian Field of Dreams?Red Ruby of Heaven - Mandalay - A Recipe for Indigestion - China Dreams - Cleaning Up the Past: Chinese New Year Indonesia Style - Bangkok Shutdown 2013 - The White-haired Man.

All these and more are here.

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Fiction - Indigo Nights and Sliver Crows - Melody Kemp

Greenjillies - GB Prabhat

Poetry - Red - Changming Yang, After Scheherazade - Brian Cheong Sui Kang, Homage to Pablo Neruda - Veronica Pedrosa, Spring Festival 2013 - Ann Ang

Poetry | Bryan Cheong Su...


The trapped their caves escape.
The honest poor rejoice in the streets of Baghdad,
and birds despite the cage
have words enough to speak.

Poetry | Changming Yuan


Seeing the strange belts
like little mouth masks
hung on bamboo poles
I often wondered ...

Poetry | Veronica Pedrosa


You came to me like the rain.
Time passed; the weather changed
and you left puddles on the earth
that showed me the sky in the mud.
News & Events | ALR

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Jan Morris on The Name of China.

Chinese poetry after 1989. Zheng Danyi with key Misty and New Generation poets.

Fiction | Melody Kemp


The air turned chilly as the sun sighed into the nearby hills. It picked up the smells of dust, mixed with metallic and acrid dung flavours.

Ms Phaeng watched, holding her breath as the last sliver of red fell out of sight.  Casting a quick mantra to the spirits of nature, she swallowed a glass of lao lao to start the evening.


In this Issue

Art | Zhang Bingjiang

Hall of Fame, a series of portraits commissioned by filmmaker and contemporary artist Zhang Bingjian, acknowledges that corruption is often the path to fame and fortune.

Fiction | John Burdett


Every morning after the paracetamol, the coffee and the pain au chocolat at the Hong Kong Club, Curly Jones, partner in the law firm of Magnus, Gray and Ping, sat back, gazed at the ceiling and pondered the precarious nature of life in general and his in particular.

Interviews | Martin Alexander

Jeet Thayil is a performance poet, songwriter and guitarist. He has published four collections of poetry and edited The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets (2008).


Video | Liu Xiaobo

This poem was first published in the Asia Literary Review in December 2010. It was translated from the Chinese by Zheng Danyi, Shirley Lee and Martin Alexander in September 2010. It featured with Charter 08 in the World-Wide Readings on the 20th March 2011 and 2012, organised by the Berlin Literature Festival and Authors for Peace. It was read in 34 countries and re-translated into...

Video | Jang Jin-sung

Jang Jin-sung is a North Korean defector, and was once Poet Laureate to Kim Jong Il. Representing his people rather than the regime at Poetry Parnassus, part of the London 2012...