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THEY by Sreedhevi Iyer
A Coming of Age in Hong Kong by Martin Alexander
Hong Kong's Grinch by Phillip Kim
Glory, Repentance by Tammy Ho
Non-fiction | Yu Xiaobo

What you have now – your courage and hope, solidarity and discipline – are so precious. You have no idea how people in the dark corners of the world, me included, covet it.

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Most recent The Police Cannot be Blamed - Queenie Li

Non-fiction Fishing in Troubled Waters - James Borton

Fiction - Indigo Nights and Sliver Crows - Melody Kemp

Greenjillies - GB Prabhat

Poetry The Police Cannot be BlamedPeaches to Market and Two Poems - Reid Mitchell

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Here are the first articles in a growing series of jewels from the archive.
This week's gem - Sacred Cow - Sindhu Rajasekaran
Glory, Repentance - Tammy Ho
Three Poems - Tammy Ho
The Name of China - Jan Morris
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Non-fiction | Jang Jin-sung
Systemic flaws and inherent corruption have prevented North Korea from fulfilling the promise of its juche ideology of self-reliance. Following the collapse of its strongest ally, the Soviet Union, these flaws became more apparent. Without Soviet support, corruption – once the fiefdom of the elite – began to filter down to all levels of society. 
Non-fiction | Audra Ang

I once offered to cut off my arm in exchange for a tour of an illegal noodle-making operation.

I reached this peak of desperation in 2007 while on assignment in the southern port of Xiamen, where I was trying to capture the clandestine nature of China’s countless unregulated manufacturers.


Video | Jang Jin-sung

At Poetry Parnassus.

Jang Jin-sung is a North Korean defector, and...

Video | Liu Xiaobo

The Nobel laureate's love poem to his wife.


This poem was first published in the Asia Literary Review in December 2010. It was translated from the Chinese by Zheng Danyi, Shirley Lee and Martin Alexander in September 2010. It featured with Charter 08 in the World-Wide Readings on the 20th March 2011 and 2012, organised by the Berlin Literature Festival and Authors for...



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